Anyone Can Multiply Their Income 4X5 Times (Proof Below)

Today you will learn how to increase your income four to five times without going through a major change, without going back to school, going back to college, getting a new job.

I’m going to show you that whatever you know, whatever you have, how you can use that to increase your income four to five times. This is what I learned many years back and it changed my life.

Until then I was broke. I was sleeping on my friend’s couches. They were feeding me. I had no money on me. I was running the business, had no money on me, was really broke and once I figured out how to increase my income, my life changed.

I have a great lifestyle, I own multiple great properties all over the world. I have passive income that comes to me every single month. I travel six to seven months a year. Life is good.

I’m going to show you today, how you can do the same. It doesn’t matter if you have a job, you’re working for someone else, or if you’re an entrepreneur or you’re a coach, consultant, e-store, or fitness coach or an Influencer.

No matter who you are, apply this information and you will be able to multiply our income quickly.

So let’s get started.

Having A Side Gig Can Multiply your Income 4-5 Times With Little work

The very first thing in order to increase your income is you need to have a business or a side Gig of your own. Even if it’s one hour a day, it doesn’t matter. But it has to be something that’s yours. Because when you have a Gig of your own, you can make more money for yourself. If you’re working for someone else, we usually get a small piece of the Pie.

Let’s just say you’re an accountant, a writer, a bookkeeper or a lawyer you’re working for, someone else. They are going to pay you a certain money per hour. And then they are going to bill their client literally four to five times what they’re paying you.

Now granted, some of that money goes into running their business, advertising, getting new clients, but the majority of money still goes into your boss’s pocket. It goes to the stockholders and doesn’t come to you.

If you have your own side Gig, if you have your own side business even for an hour all the money goes into your pocket. If you are billing the client at the rate your company is then your income instantly multiples 4-5 times for that hour of work.

Think about this. If you’re making $20 an hour at your job. And you work just one hour a day on your own and you bill your client $80 that’s your half days of salary in just one hour.

That’s a good jump. This means you can work half a day by having this one extra, hour of work. You only have to work 2-3 days a week and make the same amount of money that you will make working for the whole week. And that’s why having your own gig is a great thing.

And then once you have your side gig, whatever you’re selling there, that’s your base product. So you if you are giving coaching, consulting, writing copy, social media influencer, video marketer, or make money from ads or affiliate commissions, the first thing you sell or earn money from is your base product.

When I started my first business, I typed and E-Book on a word document. It took me three days to complete it. I got it edited and converted into an E-Book.

Initially, my goal was to sell one book a day. It was priced at $39 at the time. I used to spend 3-4 hours every day trying to promote my book. I would write an article a day for my blog. I would also participate in forums. Social media was not big at the time.

This was not a lot of money but I knew that once I create these traffic streams it will continue to bring me traffic for a long time.

I then converted my book into a video course and started charging $97 for the course.

Within 2 months I was selling 1 course a day which is not a lot but I was earning about $3,000 a month by working just 4-5 hours a day and I was creating a brand which would bring me more sales down the road.

Soon I was earning $5-6000 a month.

Next, turn your base product into your premium product To Earn Even More Money

A premium product will be something that people will pay you more money for because it either improves their experience of the original purchase or it gets them faster results, increases safety or security, makes them superior and helps them get better results. That’s a premium product.

Let’s take BMW cars as an example. They have a base model and then they’ll add airbags on every side of the base model and ir become premium. Then they will add a camera in the rear, now it is more premium. Then they will add cameras on all sides and it becomes more premium. So by improving driver experience and safety they are creating premium product from their base product.

The premiere models also add to driver status. You go from, I3 to I4 to I5 you also get more status.

Whatever you’re selling, whatever your base product is, you’re going to create an additional version of that, which is superior so you can charge more money for it. This is the secret to making big money.

Yes. People will have better status, more safety, more security, faster results, better experience, and then you will price it high or it’s something that expires so they have to make repeat purchases or it’s something that is a monthly subscription so they have to pay you on regular basis.

Those are the three ways you can make more money. Charge them big money up front. Charge them on a regular basis or make repeat sales.

I then created premier products to complement my original offer. Now when people would buy my first product for $97, I would offer them 7 additional products for a discounted price which would total to over $700.

By the time they were done with their purchase, they would pay me an average of $470. That means now Instead of earning $39 or $97, I was earning $450 per sale per customer. This gave me a massive jump in my income.

I was now earning between $20-40,000 a month.

Next, I added personal training that started at $3,555 and went all the way up to $200,000. Now, I was running a business which made me a lot of money.

This is how I build all my million dollar businesses. This is exactly how I built my last business. I had a premium product that standard $3,500 and went all the way up to $200,000.

You get one sale of $200,000 a year, that’s a lot of money. Think about it. If you have one sale of just $100,000 dollars that’s a lot of money. Just one sale of only $50,000 that’s more money than most people make working all year long.

And that’s what you need to do: Take what you have and turn that into a premium product and just watch how quickly your life changes. Watch how quickly your finances change, and that’s how you make big money.

So you can see anyone can build a successful online business step by step without taking a big risk and working part-time. I am not going to tell you what to do, but if you were my family and friend, I would twist your arm into starting an online business. This is the gold rush of today and you don’t want to be left behind.


I have built various million dollar business from ground up for me and my clients. I use the same strategy every single time because it is a safe and convenient way to grow income. It works and so you should use it, if you are thinking of starting your own business.

Have you thought of starting your own business or turning your own skills and hobby into a product? Did you do it? How did it work for you? What steps did you take? I would genuinely love to hear your experience.