Video Transcript:

So in this video, I’m going to give you career knowledge that no one else would ever give you. No school, no college, no university, no teachers, no professors.

Even your parents don’t know this. And not knowing this is the reason why so many people make bad career choices in their life. As a result, they change their jobs five or six times, at least during their lifetime.

That’s the average for the American jobs that most people change their job five to six times in their lifetime and they’re still not happy.

What I’m going to teach you is something they don’t teach in schools and colleges and once you know this, you will know how to approach your career the right way so you’ll be happy, satisfied and successful. You’ll never have to change your job again because you will know what you want in life and what you need to go after.

See, the traditional knowledge or the traditional approach to career is you should go and become something that’s going to make you a lot of money, right? Become a doctor, become an engineer, go and study computer science. Then you’ll have a good job. Learn to code. You’ll have a good job that you’ll make good money. You can buy a house, get married, live happily ever after.

That’s what most people do. They choose a career which tells them that this is where a lot of money is, if they go through this stream of education, they will be set for life. They will make enough money, have a good job, that they can live happily and get married, have children. And they do that, but soon they realize that after going through this process, they find something still missing. They start to realize that this is not fulfilling. It’s not satisfactory. It’s not giving them what they would want in life and by this time they don’t even know what they want in life.

This approach is totally backwards. This is like a fools way of approaching your career the way you should do is. You should first ask yourself, what do you want in life? What will make you happy in life?

Then ask yourself if this is what makes me happy in life, what all do I need to reach this place? And then you decide what kind of education will put me on this path to get here.

I’ll give you an example: So I’m someone who values freedom in life. I don’t want to work for someone. I’m going to work when I want. I want to travel the world, which I do. I travel seven to eight months a year. So I have to ask myself what kind of job, what kind of career I can choose. It gives me freedom and flexibility that I can be anywhere and do anything.

Now if I go to school or college and career counselor will say, Oh, you should become a lawyer, should become a doctor. You know, you make a lot of money and then you take a year off. Or you take a month off and go on sabbatical for a year to travel the world. Or every year you can travel somewhere.

But that’s not the travel I’m talking about. I’m talking about I want to travel for five or six months, a year. No job will let me do that. So now I have to ask myself what can I do? And that’s why I found out, that what I need is freedom. But then I also know that I also need financial security.

So I need a job that gives me the freedom to travel, can be anywhere in the world and still makes me money. And I know that the area that I can do that is from online marketing.

I am a coach. I love to help people. I spend pretty much all my life with lot of smart, successful people who think outside the box, people who are very successful in their life. So I learned a lot. It changed my life. It made me, rich, made me wealthy, brought me success in relationships.

So all the wisdom I acquired from people is what I’m passing onto the world and in exchange, I’m making a small profit. That’s my gig. And that’s why I’m so happy because now I know that I can travel the world. I’m making money, I can do what I want to do.

I’m not working for anyone. No one tells me when to start working, when to stop working. And this approach has brought me all the success and that’s the path you need to take.

Ask yourself what will make you happy? What all would you need? What tools, what resources you would need to bring you that happiness? And then ask yourself what can of career will set you on that path. Give you those tools so you can reach your ultimate happiness.

Schools don’t do that.

A true story, long time back when I was going to school, I never finished my college and I used to work for career counseling and there was this girl, a Japanese girl came in there and she was trying to figure out what kind of degree she should go after and they asked a lot of questions, what do you want to do?

And she said, I would like to practice psychology in the US you know, her main goal was she wanted to stay in the US and she wanted to do something with psychology. That was her interest. So the career counseling told her that she should go and get a degree in psychology.

But here’s the problem. She got a degree in psychology, but what career counselor failed to tell her is that with a psychology degree, she’s not going to get a green card. She’s not going to get an H1B And she cannot stay in this country. If her goal was to get a degree in, stay in this country, this degree will fail her.

So what they should have advised her was, you know, study psychology and study business and figuring out how you can apply your psychology to business. So then businesses will hire you. Those are the only ones that hire.

And this kind of information doesn’t come from schools because schools are very impractical. They’re all theoretical. They all live in this really big fantasy land where they think everything’s going to be great, all they care is that you give them your money, and go through your four years, six years of a degree. That’s all they want.

I’m sharing this with you because education never made sense to me. I think there is a value for education. Knowledge is good. It’s good to go to school, and I’m not against that. But don’t give them the power to decide for you to tell you what to do because they don’t know themselves.

No matter what your parents say, no matter what your friends say, no matter what your wife or husband say, take the path I’m telling you because it brought me success, brought success to many people.

It’s not a coincidence that some of the most successful people on this planet are college dropouts. There’s a reason for that. Because college doesn’t bring you success.

If you identify your true mission in life and then you apply resources to it, you’ll be successful. So use this path that I’m telling you right now, and I promise you, you will have a very successful, and happy career.

Take care!

-Magic Leone