In this episode, Magic shares the strategies people are using to become a millionaire. Magic was a broke immigrant from India. He had no education or money when he started his journey to make money. He interviewed thousands or rich people and through their guidance discovered a 3 STEP STRATEGY rich people use to make and create wealth. He executed the same strategy to create money and wealth for himself.

In this video, he shares the 3 steps to create massive wealth:

Step1: Understanding how money works today. Most of us have poor programming and understanding of money. This is 1 reason we struggle to be rich. In this section Magic shares how money works today and how you need to handle money differently to become rich.

Step 2: In this step Magic shares ways to increase your income per hour. He believes in order to become rich you need to be making 5X more money for the same amount of work and time. In this section, he shares his strategies to creating new BIG INCOME SOURCES so you can make more money and have extra money every month to spend, invest and create wealth.

Step3: In this section, Magic discusses how to invest and create passive income. We want to become rich so we have more freedom to do things we like and spend time with family. In this section, he teaches how to make investments so your money makes money for you and you can free up.

In short, this video will take you from having no clue about money to becoming rich fast. You will learn how to make money quickly, get rich fast then invest your money and become a millionaire who gets passive income.