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Business Plan For Art Painting Business And Artists

Business Plan For Art Painting Business And Artists

Table of Contents

STEP 1: 3 Building Blocks

1. Your Art And Creativity: 

The first and most important thing is your art and creativity. Obviously, you have it down. 

But when it comes to business you need to do more than feeling confident about your art. 

You need to demonstrate that your art has value. I understand that as an artist you don’t care what anyone thinks of your art, but when you want to turn art into business this is a necessity. 

There is no shame in doing this because everyone does it. 

Have you seen the preview for any move? 

They have advertised 50 different awards to build credibility. 

Sundance film festival, Santa Monica art festival, grandma retirement home and so on. 

Some of them may even charge you but that is the nature of the game.

Once you become recognized and well-critiqued celebrity, it will be easy for you to start making big money as an artist.

Have you manager contact a few artists, critics, galleries and even art teachers to get comments on your work that you can then publish on your website.

You need to do the same. You need to approach celebrities and critics and have them critic your art.

2. Your Story

Two types of stories drastically affect an artist’s success. 

First is their personal story. Their journey to art. Their struggles and challenges. Their success, awards, achievements, and contribution. 

Most galleries and shows want to know your story and the story behind your artwork. 

You also need these stories for PR and promotions. Do you support a cause or contribute to charity?

Your story is a big element that separates you from other artists when it comes to promotions and marketing. Your story can make or break your artwork easily.

Do you think it is a coincidence that right before a film release is when an actor proposes to their fiance or gets in a fight or gets sued or does something obnoxious? 

Nope, it is all planned incidents. These little incidents are stories that gets them press.

When I was in film school, we used to make obnoxious stories of our struggle to promote our projects. 

If you can show that you had to sell your blood to start your art career you are guaranteed to get all the coverage, love and sympathy in the world. 

In short, you will get the platform to present your art to the world and make money.

So take the time to write your story.

Second is the story of their artwork. 

Many artists especially the new artists underestimate the value of recording the story of their artwork. 

Your artwork stories give an understanding of what your art is about and helps people create a connection with it. 

At the minimum record where it was painted, when it was painted, what you were trying to convey, how long it took, why was it important to create this piece. 

 A real art lover will buy your artwork not just because it will look good on their wall but because it means something to them. 

The story of your artwork creates this connection.

Even if you are creating artwork for fun, make sure to record it and write the story surrounding it.

3. Your Skill To Entertain

Most artists underestimate the value of entertainment. 

Your skills and talent is important but equally important is your ability to entertain people while creating your art.

Think if you are paid big money to paint a piece in front of a live audience. 

Can you entertain them for an hour or two? Or will they sit and get bored while watching you paint?

Learning to entertain people along with your art will take you far. It will also get you viral on social media. 

Some of the artists in demand for live painting and social media are artists who can pain upside down or pain to music.

What can you do to entertain your audience while they watch you paint your masterpiece? 

Can you sing and paint, dance and paint, or give political commentary in between, throw some jokes, painting upside down or anything else that can engage your audience. 

If not, you need to start thinking and add this skill to your performance.

STEP 2: Build Your Website + Side Income

Next step is to build your website.

I highly recommend avoiding Shopify, Wix or platforms like that.

It is best to build a custom website using WordPress or click funnels.

Your website should cover your story, your portfolio, a store to buy your art, any charity work you do, future events, critics, comments and awards along with contact form to book you for events.

You should also capture emails from people so you can market them your new paintings and invite them to your live events.

One of the things I like to display is art sold.

When people see that other people are paying you big money for your work, your value goes up in their eyes.

They are more willing to buy from you, work with you, or hire you for their show.

One thing to keep in mind is that when you price your artwork, price them for what you want to earn in the future and not what you think you can get today.

What I mean is that if you list your artwork for $250 people will see you as a low-level artist. But if you list the same piece for $25,000 people will take you seriously.

The value of art is quite subjective. People will pay you what you think you deserve.

If you are new in the scene, you think this is out of your league.

But here is the thing, if you aim for a high price you will do things necessary to fetch a high price else you will keep operating at a low level and never make it big.

This is the number 1 reason why the majority of artists never make it.

Now I agree that if you price it high you will not begin selling right away.

You need a strategy to sell low priced artwork. In this case, create a new site. This time you can use a site like Shopify or Wix.

There is a platform called Faso. It is geared for artists to sell their paintings and other artwork. They offer a 30-day free trial.

You can try them:

Make sure to sell under a pseudo name. If people see that you are selling at low cost, you will lose credibility and status.

Depending on the style of artwork you create, you can sell your designs.

Create designs for businesses, sell merchandise with your designs on them and even create tattoo designs. These are to help you make a living while you establish as a leading artist.


STEP 3: Get Exposure

For this step, I will highly recommend you hire an artist manager if you can afford.

Ask your favorite galleries for reference, they may know a few managers. This is also the fastest way to get your work exhibited in their gallery.

There are web platforms like:

Artist managers are expert at getting you exposure and helping you find great connections. They expedite your growth.

Make sure to negotiate well and have specific accountable goals.

Don’t be vague. Be specific so you do not waste money.

Get some critics to comment on your work.

Do not use online platforms and solicit criticisms from people who want to feel good by pointing out your mistakes.

Everyone’s art can be criticized. Yes, even Picasso’s work is criticized.

We are not looking for a learning opportunity. You that in the background.

Right now you are looking for experts to comment on your work so you can join the league of big artists whose work is critiqued by top critics.

Don’t be afraid of criticism. It can work to your advantage as well!

Then add their comments to your website and create a press release around it.

Your manager can get you some press coverage or go to and hire a Pr person there.

Then, send your artwork to a few celebrities.

This will cost you some time and work but even if one of them shows it on their social media and says something nice about it, you will instantly gain status.

You can find B level artists that fit in your budget from and

Then add their comments and images on your website and again submit a press release around it.

Do the same with social media influencers. Find influencers with a big following then send them your work.

The more people will talk about you the more popular you become.

Next, use your entertainment skills to create a following and go viral.

Don’t just post your work on social media. Entertain people on social media.

Record yourself painting while using your entertainment skills.

For example, paint while dancing to your favorite song.

Don’t let it be just about your art.

Make it about entertaining or engaging your audience.

When you succeed at engaging people online, you will be ready to take that entertainment skill and entertain people on stage.

Donate your work regularly to charity institutions.

You can contact charity websites directly or use websites like


You can donate your work to local charities as well since they are always in need.

Once you donate your art for a charity you will get additional exposure.

This goes on your website and yes you do a press release around this.

When you have a few critics talking about you, celebrities showing your work and a few hundred thousand following you on your social media, you will be able to exhibit your work in most galleries and even book a few live gigs for yourself.

Step 4: Get Sales

The final step in our journey is to contact galleries to display our work and hold exhibitions.

Have your manager contact businesses, clubs, hotels, charities, and corporations to get a live performance booking.

This is where you make big money for little work.

When you contact them to show them your credibility. Show them the critics and celebrities involved with you.

Offer to contribute a portion to charity, show them a demo reel on how your event will look like.

These organizations are less interested in you and more interested in how they can benefit from you.

You can earn anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 for a few hours of work. It all depends on how well you negotiate.

Another reason why I suggest you have a manager handling sales and exposure while you focus on art.

If you cannot hire a manager at first have your friends or family member do it. You need someone devoting a good amount of time to this and figure what works for you.

At the same time, don’t be afraid to hold your own event.

Here is a little secret, most dentists and doctors and likes of them love to donate and become guest of honor to these events.

Have someone open yellow pages and start calling dentists.

You can hire a sales guy who works purely on commission. If you cannot find one go to

He trains people to close sales over the phone. His students will make the calls in exchange for a commission on sales.

Tell them you are having an exhibition and looking for a sponsor/guest of honor.

Tell them you will be running ads and advertising and they will get a lot of exposure. Promise them an exclusive painting for sponsoring.

Guess what now you can have an event and you just sold one of your artwork to this dentist.

There is a good chance that at the exhibition some of his friends will purchase too. 

And finally the dentist will display this in his office and now everyone will hear about you.

And lastly, don’t stick to your location. Branch out. Contact organizations in a different country. 

A Spanish artist has lesser value in Spain over India. Being a little creative can give you an advantage. Now you are an artist in demand worldwide.

It will take a little effort but soon you and your sales team will find what works for you. 

This is when your career as an artist will take off and put money in your pocket.

I know this was a long lesson but now you have a concrete strategy to become a successful artist. 

Hope this helps and I wish you all the success and money in the world!


Business Plan For Tattoo Shop, Parlor, or Artists

BUSINESS PLAN FOR Tattoo Artists, Tattoo Shops And Parlors

Tattoo Industry is over $2 billion a year.

It is a great industry to be in. The problem is that the majority of tattoo artists rarely make money.

This business plan will give you a solid plan to make money and grow your tattoo business.

The biggest skill you need to become a financial success in the tattoo industry is not your tattoo skill but the skill to draw customers and make them get a tattoo from you.

You may be the best tattoo artist on this planet but if people cannot find you or get a tattoo from you, you are not going to make much money.

So let’s teach you how to build a tattoo business and make money.

STEP 1: Create A Signature Style

In general, I am not a fan of limiting business to one signature style because it diminishes your market.

But when it comes to art and especially tattoos having a signature style is a massive asset.

All displays at your parlor, promotional media and social platforms should show your unique style.

This will draw a specific crowd to you because of your signature style.

This will reduce competition.

This will also limit your client base but don’t worry by the end of this business plan we will have a solid strategy to draw all kinds of clients.

STEP 2: Identifying Your Audience (Rich Or Poor)

The next step is to identify who you will be catering to. Do you want to start a daycare for low-income parents or rich parents?

You need to know this in advance because this will help you decide your daycare design, curriculum, marketing material, teacher dress code, and almost everything else revolving around your daycare.

I would recommend that you create a brand for elite and wealthy parents but accommodate mid and low-income families.

This strategy gives your daycare the best shot at growing fast. Everyone wants to be part of an elite institute.

I have a worksheet called 5X Customer Avatar. I make all my clients fill this.

When you fill this worksheet you will get an in-depth understanding of your clients and you will be able to create a daycare that appeals to them.

You can download it here:

STEP 3: Get A Store And Tools

Once you have your customer avatar ask yourself where do most of them live?

For example, if you find that most of your clients will be young professional you probably want to set up your business in downtown around the business district.

If you think it will be young artists then you want to set up your tattoo shop around the art district.

The interior of your store, the tools, should appeal to your clients.

If you cannot afford to rent your own space, find a tattoo shop in the area where your clients are and work there.

You will pay between 30-50% of your earning as rent to the shop owner but that is ok.

We will gradually build enough clientele so you can soon have your own space and not have to pay.

Once you have your own space, you can start charging other tattoo artists to work from your shop.


STEP 4: Build A Website, Social Media Pages And SEO

Use keywords that new clients type. And keywords that custom clients type for a specific style of tattooing and even tattoo designs

The next step is to find your competitors and look at their websites, social media and SEO strategy.

There are tools like Spyfu and Semrush that can help you find competitors who are doing good.

But if you are a beginner you are probably on a low budget.

You can do a little extra effort.

Start by going to Google Trends or Google Adwords Keyword Reseach tool.

Type a few different topics in your industry until you find a few keywords that are trending well on Google trend.

Here is an example:

I started my search by typing “get tattoo”.

I see the search is growing for this term.

This is good news.

This means I am in the right industry.

The demand to get tattoos is growing.

When you scroll down in the search results, you see a list of related queries.

These are the topics people are searching for lately.

You can take advantage of this topic and write articles and create videos.

Get them ranked on Google and now people will begin to find your website.

Make sure these articles somehow draw a bridge to getting a tattoo from you.

But I know that “get tattoo” is a very generic term.

People who want to get a tattoo are researching for tattoo shop or tattoo parlor or tattoo artist in their local area.

So my next search will be more specific.

I researched “get tattoo miami”, “tattoo shop miami”, “tattoo artist miami”, and “tattoo miami”.

Of all these keywords “tatto miami” had the best results so I know that this is the first keyword I need to rank for.

But I notice that all of these keywords were decent.

So I need to rank for all these keywords to get traffic.

This information will help us a lot to build a strong business as you will see shortly.

But first I want to search on Google Keyword Planner.

I type “miami tattoo”. Google suggests multiple keywords.

I sort the results by page bid cost.

This is because if people are spending a lot of money for some keyword it is because this keyword is making them money.

I am also looking for the level of competition.

Since tattoo artists are not big marketers it is hard to find strong competition.

This is good news.

Because if there is low or medium competition, it will cost us less to run ads and we can also rank easy for those keywords.

Now I can pick these keywords to rank for or run ads for.

Once I choose the keywords I like, I will type them in Google and find who ranks for these keywords.

Let’s say if I type “tattoo shops in south beach miami” in Google.

I see a list of tattoo shops listed in Google Places. This means I need to get listed high on Google Places.

I see that Yelp is the next listing so I need to get listed on Yelp as well.

And finally, I see that “Empire Ink Lifestyle” is the first competitor.

I can look at their website and create a website similar to them.

Whatever they are doing is working.

They are listed on top because Google knows that people are spending time on their website.

So I need to create a website similar to theirs.

Show images similar to theirs, use headlines similar to theirs just replace everything with your content.

Now you have a website proven to work for you.

Now you have a winner website, articles, videos, and images.

Make a little SEO effort to get ranked for these terms and you will begin to make money.

Step 5: Show Work + Use Money Making Hashtags

You do the same thing for Social Media.

You look for the social media of your competitors and see what kind of images they are posting and what type of ads they are running.

Here is an instagram account for a tattoo shop. They are big in Miami.

They get most of their business from Instagram.

They post a lot of photos to excite prospective customers. We will discuss this more later.

I would create Instagram just like theirs because it is proven to work:

You will create a social media account similar to theirs.

Meaning post images similar to them.

Post as frequently as they do.

This where you post your work or work from your crew member.

If you have a signature style show it as much as possible.

Don’t just show tattoos but show personality and lifestyle as well.

Show happy clients.

This is your advertising platform.

Show people what they can get by coming to you.

The most important step here is to use the right hashtags.

Research popular hashtags around tattoos and use them.

See what your competitors are using and use them.

If you are unsure there is a great site called hashtagify.

This site will help you identify popular and relevant hashtags around your industry.

Step 6: Run Ads To Get Sales For Clients + Apprentice

Now it’s time to start driving traffic and get some customers.

Start by advertising your social media and get more followers.

You know it very well that most people need to see your work and build some trust in you before they come to you.

This is why you have them follow your account and show them your work regularly.

The more they will see your work, the more they will want to come to you.

Next, you start running ads to your followers to get a tattoo.

There are several things you can offer in your ads to motivate them to take action:

1. Free Signature Killer Tattoo Design

2. Quiz: Which Celebrity Style Tattoo Will Work For You Or What Tattoo Is Right For You Etc.

3. Free Consultation To Discuss Tattoo Design Or Price.

4. Offer A Tattoo Slot. Say Something Like I Am Booked For Next 9 Months But Have An Opening Next Month. Write A Comment Or Post A Photo Or Share The Post And I Will Pick The Most Voted Post Or Random Winner For The Slot

5. Write Creative Headlines: Tattoos That Will Get Stand You Apart Or Tattoos That Will Make You Look Great When Naked Or Get Rid Of Your Ex Finally Or It’s Time To Move On

6. Run Ads To Make Them Join Your Facebook Group. Then Post Images And Invite For Tattoos Or Social Evenings At Your Studio.

Then retarget the visitors who visit your website but do not complete the booking.

Facebook™ has a great article that gives you additional ideas on tattoo ad campaigns. You can read it here: Facebook Ads For Tattoos

Create 2 different Ad Campaigns:

1. To get customers who want to get tattoos.

2. To get apprentices. You will charge them to train them and then have them work for you where you charge them a commission for every work they do under your umbrella.

You can either outsource your advertisement funnel or learn how to build a funnel and run an advertisement to get sales

I have a great course that teaches you how to build your own sales website, pages, and content and then how to create ads and drive traffic to get sales. You can get it here:

Step 7: Have A Strategy For Walk-Ins

A lot of your clients will be walk-ins.

These are people who had an impulsive desire to get a tattoo or they are traveling to your city and want a memory to take back.

You need to be prepared for the walk-ins.

Have your design book ready for them to look through designs.

Have a FAQ for the first-timers that gives them an idea on pricing, pain, risks, and etiquettes.

Display testimonials, health certificate and tattoos you have done in the past.

Have a nice sitting and design books for them to go through when they have to wait for you to finish tattooing your client.

Your job is to educate and make the walk-ins feel safe and confident in your ability to give them a good tattoo especially if this is their first tattoo.

Step 8: Go To tattoo Conventions And Network

Go to as many tattoo conventions as you can afford.

Conventions are a great place to learn from your peers what is working for them.

More importantly, you make connections and can send clients to each other.

Don’t just stick to tattoo conventions.

Find tattoo artists and shops on social media and google.

Reach out to them and create a connection. Appreciate their work and show them your work.

Discuss cross-promotion with them.

Step 9: Get Repeat Business

Getting repeat business is a big part of the tattoo business. Some tattoos can take up to 6 months and even longer to finish.

Many clients want to return because they like what you did for them.

As you know forming a strong bond during your session is a big part of your work.

But there are other things you can do to incentivize their return:

1. I am not a big fan of giving discounts but you can if you like. You can start a competition. Ask your clients to share their tattoos and tag you. The one who gets the most likes will get a free touch up or discount.

2. Ask your clients to post a review in exchange for limited FREE touch up. This will help you because their review will get you more business and once they get something for free they are more likely to visit again

3. Offer them a FREE custom design for their next tattoo

Step 10: Increase Revenue By Diversifying

The big limitation of tattoo business is that you can only earn as long as you work.

Tattooing is also taxing to your body. Many people develop back pain and carpal tunnel after doing tattoos for a long time.

This is why it is important to safeguard earning for life by diversifying your business.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure your income comes from other sources and not just tattooing:

1. Hire apprentice. Train them and charge them a commission when they start to get clients.

2. Start Tattoo Academy. Run a class on the side and make money by teaching people who want to learn to do tattoos.

3. Rent Space to other tattoo artists and charge them rent for space or even a cut of their earnings. It is common to charge between 30%-50% commission to artists who are using your space.

4. Turn your tattoo shop into gallery and event space. You can charge local artists to use your space to host events. You will make extra money, get a free promotion because they will advertise your location and even get new customers.

5.Sell local art from your location. Display work or local artists and charge commission when you get a sale.

6. Sell Tattoo Design. Most tattoo artists do not want to sell their designs unless they tattoo it themselves. This is an extra income source. Someone in China may like your designs or wants you to design something unique for them but cannot afford to fly to you in New York. Use this opportunity to make extra money. If your designs make it all over the world you will become a bigger celebrity which will allow you to increase your rates for tattoo and will get more business. This is in addition to the money you will make from selling designs.

7. If your designs are good to have on the body for life, they are good to have on clothing and other merchandise. I love the tattoo designs of my friend and tattoo artist Marta from Italy. Every time I look at her designs, I feel they should be turned into clothing, posters, shower curtains and mugs for people who are not ready for a tattoo but still want to enjoy your creativity.


Now you have a solid plan to make money by starting or growing your tattoo shop.

Hope this helps and wish you all the success!

-Magic Leone

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Business Plan For Daycare


Day Care is not the easiest business to make money.

Most people who start a daycare are more interested in working with kids and not just making money.

However, as a moneymaker, I feel there is no reason you should not be financially rewarded, especially since you are the first influence in shaping the future of kids who come to your daycare.

I wrote this business plan for a client of mine who started a daycare. I wanted her to be financially rewarded for her love and dedication to kids.

If you own a daycare or are planning to start one, just follow the steps in this plan.

It will help you build strong daycare that will empower you to help kids not just in your neighborhood but worldwide.

At the same time, it will reward you financially.

I am a firm believer that you cannot keep helping the world if you are not enjoying that world yourself.

Therefore, I want you to also become financially successful along with your pursuit to help kids.

STEP 1: Choosing A Good Name

The very first step is to pick a good name for your daycare. Don’t pick a name that could run into copyright claims.

It is tempting to us ea cute cartoon name like Nemo but that can land you in trouble fast.

This will be a bigger issue when you try to grow your business, run ads or start selling the franchise for your daycare.

I would highly recommend that you hire a naming company to help you with a good name.

Your brand name makes a big difference. If you have a marketable name it will help you grow fast, else you will probably go through a name change later.

STEP 2: Identifying Your Audience (Rich Or Poor)

The next step is to identify who you will be catering to. Do you want to start a daycare for low-income parents or rich parents?

You need to know this in advance because this will help you decide your daycare design, curriculum, marketing material, teacher dress code, and almost everything else revolving around your daycare.

I would recommend that you create a brand for elite and wealthy parents but accommodate mid and low-income families.

This strategy gives your daycare the best shot at growing fast. Everyone wants to be part of an elite institute.

I have a worksheet called 5X Customer Avatar. I make all my clients fill this.

When you fill this worksheet you will get an in-depth understanding of your clients and you will be able to create a daycare that appeals to them.

You can download it here:

Step 3: Think Of Something Unique That No One Else Offers (USP)

This is going to be the most important step in creating your daycare.

In this step, you need to design your curriculum and marketing.

You need to identify what is unique about your daycare.

What is so special that no one else is offering and will make parents chose you over other daycares.

From my research, I find that when choosing daycare parents consider following the most:


a.) Early Child Development Course: They need to know that your day course can have their child with development.

That there is a natural progression to help the kid as they grow.

This is why you need to be creative and have a unique early child development program that no other daycare offers.

This is very easy to accomplish. It takes a little creativity to create something unique, helps kids and marketable.

If you are not sure where to start, look for some Early Child Development courses online.

This is what I did for my last client.

I looked for a few popular courses and read the reviews.

It helped me identify the topics that were popular and also weaknesses that parents were complaining about.

We took the strengths and made our version of it and added the things that were lacking from negative comments.

This helped us make a proven course because we know the majority of parents and instructors liked. We knew this from reading the reviews of popular courses.

Then we just gave this a new name and turned it into our own unique Early Child Development Course.

Which we then pitched to our clients and had no trouble convincing them to send their kids to our daycare.

You can also take some online courses and model after them to build your course. is one such course with great reviews:

Class Central has another course with decent reviews:

This course will be everything when it comes to making big money so spend as much time as you can here.

b.) Child Happiness: The next thing parents care is about their child’s happiness.

They need to know before they register their kid and even after registration that their child is happy with you.

We will discuss this more in step 5.

c.) Status: Every parent wants to be proud of the quality of life they give to their children.

Your job is to build and maintain an elite reputation for your daycare.

It is not just another daycare but an elite daycare for a few selective families.

Instead of chasing parents to send their children you need to make them chase you.

In almost every high-end coaching business I ran, clients had to go through an hour-long interview before I accepted them into my program.

I had to be convinced that they were right for my program.

I was interviewing clients who would pay me between $3,500-$200,000.

This made them feel special and privileged to be accepted in my program.

They would tell everyone in their circle that they were accepted to train with me.

You need to do the same thing to build a strong brand.

No matter how desperate you are to fill your daycare do not chase or compromise.

Have a selective admissions process. Make parents and kids qualify for admissions.

It will make them feel special and privileged.

They will work along with you and tell everyone about your daycare because they feel proud to be accepted.

This will help you build a strong and elite brand in the long run.

We did this for a school in India.

We did a press release campaign before opening admissions.

The press campaign talked about how parents were waiting for 6-7 hours to collect admissions forms and that there were only a few admissions forms that will be handed out.

The result was that we had parents wait in line almost 12 hours before we started distributing the forms. They did not want to miss the opportunity.

Even though we were desperate to get admissions we now had parents lining up to get admissions.

Make sure to present yourself as an elite and selective daycare and you will have no problem filling your daycare.

You can also offer special services that stand you apart from other daycare. We will cover this in the next section

d.) Convenience: When possible try to add as many facilities as you can to spoil the parents.

This will go along the lines of being an elite school that provides special services for parents and will add to your income.

Your job is to make the parents depend on you.

You need to become a part of their life and you will have no shortage of people wanting their kids to attend your daycare.

You can have a special app for your daycare. Send updates and photos of your kids through this app all day long.

Having an app positions you an elite school with elite conveniences.

It also is a great marketing opportunity because now parents will show the images of their kids to their friends and coworkers which will get you free publicity.

You can hire a cheap coder to develop one for you or take advantage of day school apps already out there. is one app that you can use.

There are many ready made apps already available. Just look for them in Google.

If possible have extra play space for kids to play.

Try to have longer hours if your plan and budget allows you. The more free time you can give to parents, the more they will want their child to go to you.

I know daycare’s where you can drop your kids as early as 7.30 in the morning and pick them up as late as 6.30 in the evening.

Some daycares have special services like dry cleaning, potty training, meals for takeout, field trips, Fri night babysitting.

These are all opportunities to make parents depend on you and make extra money.

Step 4: Build Sales Funnel (Offer A Week FREE Trial) Pay What You Want

Now you have your business plan, daycare coursework, and promotional elements.

It is time to take all these elements and build a sales funnel (a sales-driven website).

When you are a new daycare, you won’t have parents bring their kids over right away.

They need to know more about you, they need to know how good you are and if what is the big benefit for them to switch their current daycare.

So initially you need to give them some incentives to try you out and get them hooked.

However, you have to do it in a manner where you don’t come across as desperate.

You can have a weekend FREE session where the kids can test your daycare and you can test if the kids are the right fit for your daycare.

The weekend idea works because then parents don’t have to take their kids out of their regular daycare.

They often want to do something on the weekend and this tempts them to try your daycare.

You can make them install the app and send them updates the entire day. Let them see how happy their kids are.

You can make it a mandatory 30-minute interview session with your parents at the beginning and end of the day.

This will be your opportunity to tempt them to get admissions at your daycare.

You can also offer 1-week FREE trial for parents to test your daycare and for you to test if they are the right fit for your school.

If a parent leaves a kid with you for a week, there is a good chance that they will continue with you.

If you are tight on funds and cannot afford a free daycare trial then you can offer something called Pay What You Want.

In this marketing plan, you do not charge a fee but leave it up to the parents to pay whatever they want.

Majority of the time parents will pay you a decent rate and most likely this special offer will make them join your daycare as a gratitude for your generosity.

You can even offer FREE weekend babysitting.

Once the parents see that your kids are happy with you and that your daycare provides extra services, odds are that they will enroll with your daycare.

This is exactly what we need to do at this stage. Build our website with our special offers then send parents to these pages and get them to sign up.

Step 5: Get Reviews

One of the most important thing that will make parents want to send their kids to your daycare is what others have to say about it.

You must gather as many good reviews from parents as you can.

If you have existing students ask their parents to write you a review on Google or just send you email or text messages as reviews.

When possible ask them to give you a video testimonial. Video testimonials are way powerful and believable.

When you offer a FREE trial or Pay What You Want Offer, ask parents to write you a review at the end.

When you do something nice for them, they will write you a good review to reciprocate your generosity.

The more reviews you will have the easier it will be to get new kids.

Step 6: Run Ads

By this stage you have everything. You have a business plan, you have your sales offer and you have reviews.

Now it is time to run ads on social media and get new traffics.

I would create ads for the 1-week free trial or pay what you want for a day or free weekend trial or even weekend babysitting offer

I will target these ads to parents in your local community.

Make sure these ads come across as elite and not cheap or begging. Your words and images will make all the difference.

You can hire a designer on Fiverr or Upwork.

There are several websites that sell ready made advertisement templates:

I recommend that you hire an expert to run ads online.

Especially if you are someone with little to no marketing experience. You can get stuck at this level for a long time.

This will cost you a little but an expert can test and find a profitable campaigns way faster than you can.

Step 7: Press Release Campaign

Next, create a pr campaign.

You can hire a PR writer and submitter on Fiverr for cheap.

Have them create a PR campaign that focuses on your unique CDC (child development course).

Talk about results your kids are getting and how satisfied the parents of your kids are.

The idea is to establish your daycare and your course as something exceptional.

This will help us create more income opportunities.

Once you get press coverage on your course and daycare you can now create an online course to certify other people who want to open a daycare.

You can also start giving franchise and license to use your name worldwide.

Many third world countries, love to be associated with US schools and colleges because it adds to their prestige and gets them business.

STEP 8: Create Child Development Certification Course

You have worked hard to create your brand.

It is time to monetize and make some big money from it.

You should take your curriculum and turn that into an online certification program.

Offer the course to people who want to start a daycare.

Teach them your curriculum and certify that they have the expertise to run a daycare.

Online study courses are a big money-making business where courses worth billion dollars are sold every year.

The good thing about building an online course is that you already have a course so it does not take you any work and now you can keep making money over and over without putting in much work.

You can use Free WordPress LMS (Learning Management Systems) to build an online course for FREE.

You can go to Fiverr or Upwork and have someone build an online course for you for less than $100.

Then run ads on social media to sell this course and make extra money.

STEP 9: Franchise World Wide

The final step is to start giving the Franchise for your brand worldwide.

Many third world countries, love to be associated with US schools and colleges because it adds to their prestige and gets them business.

You can charge them hefty licensing fees upfront and then charge annual fees or fees per enrollment regularly.

This will turn your daycare program into a worldwide business and now you will have big passive income coming to you regularly.

Get A Step-By-Step Marketing And Advertising Plan To Get Enrollment And Grow Your Daycare Business

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Business Plan For High End Luxury Watches And Fashion Jewelry


In this tutorial, I will give you a strategy to make big money with your high-end watches and jewelry.

I am talking about going from zero to a multi million dollar in sales.

In this lesson, I am giving you the strategy I gave to one of my clients who has her own jewelry business.

We executed this strategy and it has changed her business drastically.


First thing I would do is figure out the money plan.

How many different styles of jewelry do you have? How many do you want to sell to each customer? Will it be enough to make big money for yourself.

If you do not know your numbers, you will not be able to build a profitable business.

Let’s say you have a watch or a bracelet that you sell for $100.

And let’s say it will cost you $60 to sell each watch, you are now making only $40 per sale.

On the surface, it sounds like a $40 profit. But this is not enough to become rich.

You will need to sell 1000 watches a month to make reasonable money.

You will not be able to sell 1000 pieces of the same watch or jewelry for a long time.

People have different tastes. Not everyone will like what you have to offer.

This is why it is very important that you sell multiple pieces to your existing customers.

They already like what you are offering.

It will cost much less to sell them a second item than to find a new buyer.

This is why you should plan your business to sell multiple products to your customer and not just one.

From the very beginning, Identify the product you want to sell first.

Then identify how you want to get the second sale. Do you want to sell two of the product they just bought or sell a new item?

This is a good time to study your competitor’s money plan. What are they selling? How much are they selling, their price range, etc.



The next step is to build your website and social media channels.

At this stage, it is best to study your competitor and model your website, social media channels, and content after them.

They have already figured out what works.

Do what is making them money instead of reinventing the wheel and running your own trial and error.

You can go through their sales funnel and study it thoroughly.

See what their landing page looks like. What content is listed there? Then how do they lead you to buy from there? What is on their sales page. What is their offer? What is is the price point for their offer.

What do they say on thank you page?

Do they offer an upsell?

What happens after the purchase?

Do they send you another email?

Do they try to sell you something extra?

Whatever they are doing, you do the same. (Just don’t copy. Borrow the ideas and the principals, not the words.)

There are websites and apps that can show you the entire sales funnel for your competitor. It saves you the trouble of buying their product just to go through their funnel.

The one I use is called Funnelytics.


Step 3: Getting Initial Sales

First, step obviously is to start getting some sales.

For this step, I recommend that you hire an expert to run ads online. Don’t worry about making money for yourself here.

Everything you earn here use it to pay your staff, AD expenses and reinvest for more exposure.

This is especially useful if you are someone with little to no marketing experience. You can get stuck at this level for a long time.

Even if you do not want someone to sell, have them at least collect emails for you and then start selling to your email list.

If you want to learn how to start getting sales then watch this:

Step 4: Getting Second + Continuous Sales

Now you have your own customer list. These are people who purchased your products. 

Figure out a way to sell more products to them. Everything you earn from this second sale will be your profit. 

You already have their contact information you do not have to spend any money on ads to reach them. You just have to send an email or make a phone call to get additional sales.

Here are a few strategies you can use to sell more products to them:

A. Offer a quiz For personalized order.

Create a quiz to help customers order personalized products. For example, if you are selling luxury watches, you could create a quiz to determine which watch type will be ideal for your customer.

You can ask a few questions to discover what occasion they need the watch for? And if they like mechanical or digital? and if they prefer big or small etc?

Then you can make a recommendation so they feel that you are suggesting the watch which is just right for them.

Now they will be more willing to buy your recommendation because it is tailored for their unique situation.

Many websites use this strategy to sell watches online. is one of them:

You can create a similar quiz to sell jewelry. has a quiz on their site to help people discover the right jewelry for them.




B. Trap them with incentive.

Caboki does this really well. Every time you buy a product from them, they give you a certain amount of dollar credit for future purchase

This makes you feel that you already have $3-4 sitting in the account and so you place a repeat order with them.

You can also offer a discount coupon but from my tests giving dollar credit in accounts way more effective than discount coupon.

Also, make sure the credit you give them is dollar value and not just points. The dollar makes more sense to customers.

When they buy a product using the discount make sure they still get a new dollar credit. This will keep them trapped for life in the buying cycle.

I know this well not because it is working great for my clients but because I am a victim of this trap myself 🤣



You could also send discount and bulk buying coupons to your customers.



You could also sell them more products using FREE + SHIPPING model.

In this model, you do not charge for the product but just shipping and handling.

You basically make money as handling fees.

This is a great way to get rid of extra or expiring stock.

But more importantly, it is a great strategy to capture your prospective customer’s email or phone number so you can sell them your jewelry or watch later on.



On my favorite way to make money these days is to use PAY WHAT YOU WANT strategy.

In this option, you tell the customer to pay what they want.

This works great for a new product or to bring back customers who have not purchased for a while.

When you tell people to pay what they want, people generally pay good money.

They respond to your generosity with theirs.

I generally price my product at a higher price because people will always pay you less than the price.

So if you say your product is worth $100 they will pay you $20-30 and even 50.

But if you say you have a product for $50 they will not pay you $50.

I use Smart Pay Cart From DigitalAccessPass.
This is one of the best shopping cart with great sales features and best customer service.

SmartPayCart has the option to use Pay What You Want on your site.

You can get this shopping cart here: (I do not earn any commission for this referral)


There is another great tool you can use to get additional sales.

There is a plugin called spin to win.

Basically, you can program it so when your repeat customers can play the game of spinning wheel and win a special prize.

It could be anything from free shipping to a 20% discount. Here is an example from website:

You can get this plugin here:

In addition, you can make a little extra money under shipping and handling but 99% of the time you will make enough money to not have to worry about charging extra shipping and handling.

These strategies will get you extra sales which is your profit now and also will create a sales loop of getting regular repeat sales.

C. Start A Competition + Giveaway.

Now that you have a list of buyers encourage them to participate in social media.

Create a competition and ask them to post a picture with your product, a story around it or success results, etc.

If you are selling men’s jewelry or watches ask men to pose James Bond Style and the most upvoted will get a FREE watch or bracelet.

This is the fastest way to get new customers without spending money on ads.

Everyone who will post a photo will ask their friends to like their post. Many of their friends will now buy it from you.

You can also start a competition where you ask them to tag a friend who could benefit or look good in your watch or jewelry. 

Norwegian Cruise did for teachers. They offered a free cruise for the teacher who gets the most votes:

You can also set up free giveaways using websites like and



D. Get Reviews In Exchange For Goodies.

One last idea is to ask customers to write or record a review in exchange for a discount or even a free product.

This helps you get more reviews which ultimately results in more sales. The customer also appreciates freebies and by more from you.

Step 5: Hire Distributors/Agents

One of the things most businesses ignore today is offline marketing. 

There is huge money to be made offline. You can recruit distributors worldwide. 

Not only will it increase your sales but you can charge them a deposit or distributor fees anywhere from $1000 to $10,000. 

If you can recruit just 10 distributors that is $100,000 in fees in addition to product orders.

Many countries in the world would love to carry products originating out of the United States, UK, and Europe. 

There is a huge demand for imported good, especially in third world countries. 

A country like India with a population of billion people has the potential to scale your business overnight. 

But you do not have to go so far. You can start by recruiting distributors in your own region.

Step 6: Turn your product Into Income Opportunity

One of the biggest money maker in online marketing today is sales from affiliate promotions. 

There is a huge market of people who are interested to work from home today. 

Not everyone is interested in creating their own product. Most people want to promote other people’s product and earn a commission.

You can start your own affiliate program and then recruit affiliates. 

Show them how they can make money by promoting your products. 

Help them start and grow their business by giving them marketing lessons. 

These days there are tonnes of free online marketing course that you can point your members to so they can learn how to make money by selling your products.

The more people promote your products the more exposure you will get ad the higher your sales will be.

You can approach social media influencers and recruit them as your affiliates.

Step 7: Place your products In Stores

Most new businesses today focus on online sales. In addition to online sales, focus on placing your products in stores. This is extra sales and extra revenues.

Hire distributors and agents in various territories to get a product placed in stores.

Hire a part-time employee whose job is to go to various stores and negotiate product placement.

If you do the above now you have a channel to bring in customers and strategy to sell them more on a regular basis. 

In addition, you have other people like affiliates and influencers promoting your products and finally, you have your products placed in stores. 

These three channels should bring you massive sales and cash flow. In addition, you will also make collect distributor fees which is an added bonus.

You can reward yourself with part of the fees and spend the rest to make your brand even stronger by placing your product in pop culture via TV and Films. 

This will give you brand a massive exposure, status and create demand.

You can use services like or to get your product placed in media.


This will instantly boost your brand and give it the necessary boost to get sales.

Hope you find this strategy session helpful and it helps you to build a successful business.

Good Luck!

Get A Step-By-Step Marketing Plan For Your Luxury High-End Watches And Fashion Jewelry

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Marketing Plan For Beauty, Haircare, Makeup, Perfume And Cosmetics

If you are here, then you already have gone through the business plan. Now the next step is to build sales and marketing plan.
Step 1: Build Customer Avatar:
The success of every business depends on how well they understand their customers. This is an important step that most businesses skip and hence they fail. Most businesses sell what want as opposed to selling what customers want. They market ideas they like as opposed to what appeals to their customers.
If you have a good understanding of your customers you will know: a. Exactly what to create that your customers want. b. How to position your current product so it is appealing to your customers. c. You will know exactly what to say and influence your customers into buying from you. d.You will know the social media platforms and physical stores where you will find your customers so you can target them and sell to them. And much more.
Bottom line if you spend some time building your customer avatar, knowing who they are, what their life looks like, their pain and pleasure points then you will be able to effectively target them and turn them into your loyal customers. This will become more clear as you build their avatar.

Our goal is to have an in-depth understanding of our potential buyers like this example:


Meet Eva The College Student:

Eva is 19 years old. She is a full-time student who also works part-time. 

She is very busy with school and work and does not have much time to do anything else. 

She is an independent woman who lives with two roommates. She likes to spend her time with a few close friends possible.

Eva has a Facebook and Instagram account but she does not update it as often as she would like to. 

She would like to be a popular girl on Instagram but she is not sure how to go about it because she does not have the time and money to build a strong portfolio.

Since she is a college student she does not have a lot of money and time to go to expensive salons and get a good hair cut or hair treatment. 

She is dating on and off since her focus right now is solely to finish schooling.

From this example, I know exactly how to influence Eva. Eva is a general profile for most girls in college. 

They are busy, want to have fun, get attention and have limited resources. 

With this information, I can create very specific ad campaigns for Eva and other girls like her.

For example, I can create how using my beauty products have helped girls get more attention and more followers on Instagram. 

Since my target audience is young girls, I need to brand my product and create a youthful logo.

If you look up T-Mobile their majority customers are women and that is why they use Magenta in their marketing.

I can design my ads showing a college girl sitting with her friends and looking prettiest among them all or getting attention from guys over her friends. 

I can create ads mentioning how to get a salon look without going to a salon or without spending $200 on the salon. 

I can also get success stories or testimonies from girls her age.

So you see I can create a campaign that specifically targets college girls and influence them into becoming a customer. 

Building customer avatar gave me all I needed to know to build a strong marketing and advertising campaign.

With that answer the following questions and build a strong customer avatar for your business.

Now it is your turn to build a customer avatar for your business. You can download my customer avatar worksheet here: 

Just answer the questions and you will have your customer avatar ready.

STEP 2: Branding + Logo
This is another important start that has a big impact on your sales and marketing. If you are trying to create a premium brand you need a distinctive name and logo. It should be something that is: 1. easy to remember 2. conveys the value 3. differentiates and stands out from other brands 4. and conveys the value Don’t try to over complicate your branding. Don’t make it too modern. Your branding should be memorable and understandable to 80-year-old illiterates unless you are specifically catering to a unique audience who will understand your brand. The more cohesive and consistent your brand identity is, the easier it is for others to understand and connect with your company. When creating a brand identity, you need to pick the right visuals and content to represent you and maintain a consistent style and tone to support your business’ brand. Big brands succeed because they know who they are and why they exist and they make sure that we know it too. Having a strong brand identity will not help with sales and repeat sales. It will help you recruit distributors, create awareness, and sell your products in the international market. Most beginners try to skip this step or do it on their own. This is a big mistake. You are not your customer. What appeals to you, will not appeal to them. These days it is quite cheap to hire branding agencies who can help you with a good brand identity for pennies. They will gather all relevant information for your business then suggest names, logos, colors and complete branding strategy. They will even make sure that the domain name is available for your brand. This saves you a lot of effort. You can even go to a website like SquadHelp and start a content where people from all over the world suggest you name with an available domain. Take a few names you like and do a quick poll to find out which name your audience likes the most. If you have an existing customer list, facebook groups or forums you can post a poll to find winning brand identity. This is the cheapest way to have a professional brand created for pennies.
STEP 3: research Marketing Platforms To Reach Customers
The most important step is to find out where your customers are and make yourself visible on those platforms. Not all marketing platforms are equal when it comes to sales. You may have a huge Facebook following and get very little sales vs. you may have a small following on Youtube and make big money. It is important to know where your customers are and then create content and ads for that platform. The best way to discover this fast is to see where your competitors get most of their traffic from and where do they spend the most money on ads. Your competitor won’t spend money in the long run or keep running the same ad for a long time unless they are making money from it. If we can find out what ad they are running, the platform they are running and where they are getting backlinks from we can model after them to get money-making traffic. We can create an ad similar to theirs and run on the same platform where they are running it. We can see where they are getting a backlink from then approach the same website to get a backlink for us.

Here are a few tools to spy on your competitor:

1. Google Alerts:

This is a free tool to monitor alerts.

You can add a specific word or brand name.

Google will tell you every time that name is mentioned.

So you can add your competitor’s name or product and every time they get listed online you will get the report.

You can now get your own product and company listed on the same platform.


2. Social-Searcher: 


I love this website. 

This web app is one of the best spy tools to learn about what is working for your competitor and use it to your advantage.

You can go on this site and type the name of your competitor or product you are interested in.

It will tell you what platforms your competitor is posting, what hashtags are most popular, what articles are popular and negative. 

It will tell you the time of day when they post the most, it will tell you if they get more engagements for video or photo or status and much much more.

Once you identify the keywords and topics that are performing well. 

You can create some articles similar to them and post on the same platform.

You can see what did not work for them and create a post about why something does not work and appeal to people who did not like that particular content.

Bottom line this app gives you massive information to create winning content online to drive traffic.


3. SEM Rush:


This is a paid but great tool to spy all the keywords your competitor is ranking for and getting traffic from. 

This tool even allows you to look at the ad keywords, meaning the keywords they are driving paid traffic to. 

And you can see the total traffic they are getting.

This is very helpful to know what keywords are working for them in organic search and what keywords they spend money on. 

You can use this information to build your own traffic.

There are many more tools like this. You can type “spy competitor traffic” in Google and you will find many more.

The bottom line in step 3 we need to identify the keywords or topics that your competitor is using to drive traffic. 

You also need to identify various platforms where they are getting traffic from. 

Then you build your own traffic and campaign around these keywords and platforms.

STEP 4: Build Campaign For Initial Online Sales
Now we know the topics, ad content and landing pages that are making money to your competitor. In the last step we researched what type of ads or keyword are getting them traffic, we saw the content on the page the traffic was going to and we saw the platforms that were driving the traffic. In this step, we will model as close to our competitor as we can without copying anything. So if they are running an ad with a free test offer, we will create an ad with a free test offer. We will create the content on our landing page (the page where traffic goes to) very similar to the content on your competitors landing page. If they are collecting email on this page we collect email on this page. If they have an article, we will write an article similar to theirs. If they collect emails and send emails to get sales we will create the same. Your competitor has already figured out what is working. Take advantage of this information. If it is working for them, it will work for you. Don’t start testing your own strategy. Once you start getting business, you can then test your own strategies but for now, focus on getting business as fast as you can. You can go through their funnel and model after all the pages. You can also use online applications to study your competitor’s funnel, see all the pages and model after them. I use an app called Funnelytics. This app has complete sales funnels for industry experts in all niches. You need to look for a funnel in your industry or an industry close to it and just model after it. This will guarantee that you have a funnel, web pages, and content that are proven to convert and bring sales.
STEP 5: Run First Campaign
This is the easiest and self-explanatory step. Now that you have your ads and landing pages etc turn on the campaign and start driving traffic. At this stage test different ads, colors, headlines, and pricepoint to increase profits. I have a great tutorial on how to make money with ad campaigns. You can read it here: Or at the minimum watch this video
STEP 6: Building Affiliate Network
An affiliate network can make you a millionaire in no time. This is one of the fastest way to grow business once you have the right people promoting your products. There are various affiliate networks like Clickbank and Commission Junction where you can list your product for affiliates to promote. The better strategy is to find affiliates who are promoting your competitor’s products and have them promote your products. There are various spy tool like that can help you find affiliates who are promoting your competitor. All you have to do is reach them with your offer and have them promote you. I like to call them. It is more personable and you can create a better connection and trust over the phone as opposed to sending an email. Most marketers, including myself, get so many offers a day that we don’t even care to read the email unless we know you. Spyfu has a great article on how to research your competitor’s affiliates: Here is another article from SEMRUSH that teaches you to research competitor affiliates using their tool: But there is a way more better and powerful way to recruit big affiliates.

Research for business mastermind in your niche.

So if you are in the beauty industry find some masterminds for the beauty business. Masterminds are groups of existing business people in your industry. They get together and share what is working and help each other out. Masterminds usually work best because its members are already successful. They already have traffic and buying customers. If they send you traffic, you will make money fast. You can research on Google for business masterminds in your industry. Send an email to a couple of your competitors and ask them if they know of one. Or ask about it on forums or Facebook groups. Join one of these groups and your business will grow overnight. My business grew right after I attended my first business mastermind from a friend who runs an amazing mastermind in Miami Beach: So I know how powerful this is to recruit big players in the industry as affiliates who will promote your products. And if you find there is no mastermind for your industry start one yourself. Reach out to a few competitors and invite them to create an online mastermind that meets from time to time.

Go to programs like Affiliate Sumit that happens a few times a year.

Affiliate Summit

Almost everyone who goes there is into affiliate marketing. Either they are looking for products to promote or affiliates to promote their products. You can recruit a lot of affiliates at these venues. You will even run into your competitors and plan a cross-promotion with them so you both can make money. There are many more industry and marketing events where you can go and recruit affiliates. An example would be, click funnels live event that happens every year. These are great places to recruit more affiliates.

And finally, go to trade fair and trade events for your industry.

Since it is specific to your industry, you will find tonnes of affiliates willing to promote your product. As you can see, affiliate marketing is more than a full-time job. So I highly recommend you hire an affiliate manager if your budget allows. This will be money well spent. If you cannot afford in the beginning start on your own and when you start to make money hire a good affiliate manager. If a good manager keeps adding more affiliates, creates exciting offers for them to promote, it will bring you more sales.
STEP 7: Product Placement In Stores
This is one of the most challenging parts of the business. Getting your products placed in stores takes a lot of work, effort, and tactics. The first thing you should do is make a list of small boutiques or stores where you would like to place your products. When possible try to get to know the owners or the manager of the store in person. I advise my clients to start planning a month or two in advance. I encourage them to meet with the managers and have a friendly chat without mentioning that you want them to carry your product. This way they do not see you as a salesperson. Ask for the store manager and request them to carry something for you, or compliment them on something about the store. Do this a couple of times until you become a friendly face to them. Then a couple of months later make the pitch to carry your products. Have the sales sheet ready when you meet them. The sales sheet should give the store manager all the information they need on your product. It should have product images, how images look on the shelves, ingredients, price, margins and anything else that can help them. Bring a few samples as well.
The store wants to make a good margin on your product but they are more interested in what you will do to send traffic to them. I personally know a few store owners and managers who carry products with low margins only because the brand sends them a lot of traffic.
A lot of customers means they will sell more in addition to your product and this what they want to know. So when you meet them, share with them your marketing strategy. Tell them about any advertising, discounts, special offers you plan to use to drive traffic. Convince them that they will be getting a lot more business by carrying your product. If you have already done some sales, marketing, and even online promotions and have good numbers to show them, then show them. If you have good reviews from users, show it to them. We talked in the business plan on how to get your products placed in national media for cheap. You can let the store managers know that you plan to have your products placed in movies and TV show which will help with sales.
The more confident the manager feels in your product, the easier it will be to convince him to carry your product.
You can also commission some marketing managers who specialize in product placement to get you product placement. You can also recruit distribution firms in your industry to place your products. This will cost you a little extra margin but will get the job done.
STEP 8: PR And Product Awareness Campaign
In this stage, we are creating product awareness. This is not about running ads on Facebook to get sales. You want to run a campaign so people can find your brand, talk about it and engage with it. You can start with Press Release. I make my clients place their products in a few stores then create a press release. In this press release campaign, I will have them talk about how stores are begging to carry their products and they are not able to supply to all stores. There is no need to engage expensive PR companies. You can simply go on and find a good PR writer who will also submit it for you. The idea is for people to think your product is popular. Next, I have them pick a charity that their audience will like then use it to promote their brand. I will have them contact local and national celebrities along with social media influencers and convince them to talk about this charity or share an image or post for a charity cause. This image or post has your logo. I will have them contact celebrities to use their products for free and post a review. Some celebrities won’t do this without payment. So I ask my clients to offer a years supply for free to the celebrity they contact. This does not cost you big money upfront but can give you big exposure and big sales. Not to mention, you can now use their review on your website. There are websites that can help you find celebrities : For Social Media Influencer You Can Use: For real celebrities there are various websites like these: Contact Celebrity There are many more like: and Next, create a viral video. This takes a little creativity. In order for your video to go viral it needs two things:
1. It should have an element that makes people want to engage and share. You could create a controversial video. Nike is an example of that. Now people will comment and share that clip. Or have something cute and share-worthy. 2. You need a marketing machine. You need someone who has experience with getting videos viral.
You can find people who do this on and Finally, you can get your products placed in TV and Movies. There are various websites and agents who can put your product in popular media and thereby getting it a lot of attention. Here are a couple of websites that you could use: Hollywood Branded Heroapp
STEP 9: Build Repeat Sales Campaign
I am going to skip this step. We already covered this in the business plan. If you missed it or need to read it again go here: Business Plan For Beauty, Makeup And Haircare Products
STEP 10: Recruit Distributors Worldwide
One of the things most businesses ignore today is offline marketing. There is huge money to be made offline. You can recruit distributors worldwide. Not only will it increase your sales but you can charge them a deposit or distributor fees anywhere from $1000 to $10,000.
If you can recruit just 10 distributors that is $100,000 in fees in addition to product orders.
Many countries in the world would love to carry products originating out of the United States, UK, and Europe. There is a huge demand for imported good, especially in third world countries. A country like India with a population of billion people has the potential to scale your business overnight. But you do not have to go so far. You can start by recruiting distributors in your own region.
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