How To Make Money Online On Autopilot By Running Ads

It is very easy to make money online by running ads. Whether you have a product, service or coaching you can grow your business fast and make a lot of money quickly. The best part is that you can automate your business so you do not even have to do most of the work.

And no you do not need a lot of money to build your business. Just copy the model I am teaching here and you will build a successful business.

In this tutorial, I will give you the exact steps to follow and build a million dollar business ground up which runs automatically. Read this all the way to the end and I promise you that this will change your life, business, and finances.


Most people run ad campaigns, but they can rarely make money from it. They advertise on Facebook, Youtube, Google or some other platform. They spend some money but rarely make any money.

When their first campaign fails, they try a new campaign, test a new ad, design a new sales and landing page. Then they spend money on ads. They still don’t get success and they hire an expert but nothing changes again.

I know this because I have been through this cycle and 90% of my clients go through the same struggle when they start learning from me.

After reading this tutorial or watching the video above, you will learn exactly to make money from ad campaigns. You will identify the mistakes you’re making and why you’re not making money. And you’ll also learn new things that you did not know until today. And once you start executing them, you will be able to make money from your ads.

The Formula I’m giving you today works for most industries. I have applied it in various industries including fitness, dating, healthcare, relationships, and e-commerce.

It works every single place the same way. It makes you good money coaching, consulting works everywhere. Now, I don’t know your industry, so you might have to make a few tweaks, but it should work for almost everyone.

With that, let’s get started.


Every Ad campaign has 2 parts.

One is you have your spend, your ad spend is the money you spend on advertising and then you have your revenue.

The first step is to play with these two parts to make a profit.

For example, most people spend $100 on ads and then in return either they get nothing or at best, they get some money back. For discussion sake let’s say you spent $100 and got $50 in sales.

So obviously you’re operating at a loss of $50 here, and this where most people are stuck. They don’t know where to go from here and how to turn this into a profit.

When they reach out for help, most people give them poor advice because they want to make more money. They will ask for big money to redo their sales pages etc to get sales. But that rarely works.

90% of the time redoing your sales funnel is not going to make a big difference. Majority of the time the original results you see are the metrics for your offer. You can create new sales pages and write a new copy but the conversion rate will rarely change.

So instead of hiring someone to fix this for you, make adjustments to the 2 ad parts and make it as profitable as possible.

The first step is to try different ads, headlines, images and landing page design. See if you can reduce the cost of traffic by implementing these changes. This is the first thing I do after I start running ads. Even if my campaign is running at a profit, I still test different versions of ads and copies to see if I can increase my profits.

If you try 5 different ads and one of them gets you cheaper clicks or higher conversions, your cost will drop.

Coming back to our example, you were spending $100 to get a sale. With new ads and changes maybe you now only have to spend $80 to get a sale. So now instead of operating on a loss for $50 ($100 ad cost-$50 sales), you are at a loss of $30 ($80 ad cost – $50 sales cost). So we already gained $20 by making this one change.

In almost every industry, I find that quiz is a great way to get conversions. When I first started using a quiz doe advertising, my lead cost dropped from $3 to 38 cents. That is a massive drop. There is a reason why so many big companies, including adore me is using a quiz to sell products. I definitely recommend you run ads to quiz and see if it increases conversions.

A lot of big brands are using quiz these days. Here is a screenshot from Adore Me Website:

I have a free quiz plugin for WordPress that I developed for myself. Feel free to download it and use it. It is free and comes with training, you can get it here: Free Quiz Plugin

Next, you test a higher price for your offer. Most of the time you will be able to charge 2-3 times the price you are selling at without losing any sales. Start by doubling the price and run ads to see if it converts the same.

In my first business, I went from charging $50 to $97 and my conversion did not drop.

Back to our example, if we increase the product price from $50 to $97, we are now at a profit of $17 ($97 Sales – $80 ad cost).

So just by testing these two variables, we went from losing $50 to a profit of $17. And we did not have to hire any outside professional for help.

Now, if you keep running this ad, you will keep making money.


If you are operating on a small profit, think how many products you will have to sell to make big money? If you want to make even $1,500 you have to sell about 90-92 products. If you want to earn 15,000 you will have to sell about 900 or so every month. That is a lot of sales and a lot of customer service.

This is not to say you shouldn’t be selling thousands or that’s a big number, but this is not a big money. This is not going to make you rich. Your goal is not just to sell products, your goal is to become rich and work as little as possible. This is not going to do it for you.


So now you know that every time you spend $80 you will earn $97 back. So now what you do is you add something called an upsell.

An upsell basically is an additional offer to your origin offer. It is something that compliments your original offer. For example, if you buy a TV from Best Buy they will instantly offer you some speakers, a home theater system and warranty to go with it.

You just wanted to buy a TV and now they are offering you more things to buy with your TV. These additional offers are called an Upsell.

So if you would have spent $500 to buy a TV you may now spend between $800-1000 depending on what all extras you buy.

Here is a screenshot from BestBuy.com. You will notice that the TV is priced at $599 and then they offer 4 extras which brings the total to almost $1000. This is extra $400 earned from offering an upsell.

If you were to buy an Apple product they immediately offer you AppleCare (Apple’s extended warranty) that you can buy for extra money.

In addition, Apple offers upgrade to their products as a way to make more money. Look at the screenshot below and you will see the options they give to upgrade your purchase by paying extra:

As Seen On TV often have an offer that they will ship you a second one for free and you just have to pay shipping and handling for the second piece. Well, shipping and handling are where they are making extra money.

In my last business, I added 7 upsells which added to $750 and my average sale became $450 after I added the Upsell. This means every customer would pay me $450 on an average.

So you do the same. Add a few upsells to your original offer. As soon as someone buys your first product, offer them something extra at a discounted price. You can offer as many upsells as you want, as long as they compliment your original product.

Back to our example, let’s say you added 3 upsells with a total value of $300. And our average sales went up by $100. We just went from $17 profit to $117 profit. So now every time you spend $80 You earn $117. That is a good profit.

So now you see that in order to make your ad campaigns profitable, you need to play with variables at hand. You need to spend more time testing these variables instead of hiring experts to redesign your website and sales pages.


Most of the money we earn up to this point we invest it to create automation or hire experts who will work for us. I don’t want to make this $400-500 per sale and be happy with that. That’s not my goal.

I want to use this money to hire experts to write copies for me, run ads for me and make me money while I do other things.

So until this point, I spent some money on ads it got me sales and enough money for me to hire experts to run my business.

Before I had to spend money on Facebook and Instagram ads to find buyers. Now I have a list of my own buyers. I will now sell them extra offers and I do not have to spend any money to reach them since I already have their contact information.

I can now sell them a second product or I can sell them products from other sellers and earn a commision. All this money will go into my pocket.

When it comes to selling here, I really focus on selling something high end that starts at $3000 and goes all the way up to $200,000. In my last business people would buy coaching from me, which would start at $3500.I had different packages, $5000, 10,000, 15, 20, 25, 50, 100 and all the way up to $200,000. Every sale at this level was a big sale and that is when I would get involved.

Below you can see the income screenshots from selling some of my high end offers. This should motivate you to build your own high-end offers and make big money:

Because now I earn big money for my time. I let others run my business, bring in buyers and then I will sell expensive programs to those buyers to make big money for myself.

And this is how you make money with Facebook ads, Instagram ads or any other advertising campaign.

1. Start with one advertising platform like Facebook.
2. Turn your campaign into profit using the steps I discussed above.
3. Then hire experts to run your business.
4. Sell high-end products and services to your customers

Then add more traffic channels. If you started with Facebook add Instagram next. When Instagram also becomes profitable, add Youtube, then Linkedin, then Twitter. Keep adding more and more channels. Pretty soon you will have 5-8 advertising platforms that are making you a lot of money and that is how you become rich and build a million dollar business.

Hope you found this lesson useful. Take my words for it, this is a sure way to build a million dollar business ground up. Model your business after this and you will surely make a lot of money for yourslelf.

Until next time!

-Magic Leone

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