Business Plan For Beauty, Haircare, Makeup, Perfume And Cosmetics


In this tutorial, I will give you a strategy to make big money with your beauty and cosmetic products. I am talking about going from zero to a multi million dollar in sales.

In this lesson, I am giving you the strategy I gave to one of my clients who has her own perfume line. 

We executed this strategy and it has changed her business drastically.

Step 1: Getting Initial Sales

First, step obviously is to start getting some sales. 

For this step, I recommend that you hire an expert to run ads online. Don’t worry about making money for yourself here. 

Everything you earn here use it to pay your staff, AD expenses and reinvest for more exposure.

This is especially useful if you are someone with little to no marketing experience. You can get stuck at this level for a long time.

Even if you do not want someone to sell, have them at least collect emails for you and then start selling to your email list.

If you want to learn how to start getting sales then watch this:

Step 2: Getting Second + Continuous Sales

Now you have your own customer list. These are people who purchased your products. 

Figure out a way to sell more products to them. Everything you earn from this second sale will be your profit. 

You already have their contact information you do not have to spend any money on ads to reach them. You just have to send an email or make a phone call to get additional sales.

Here are a few strategies you can use to sell more products to them:

A. Offer a quiz For personalized order.

For example, if you are selling haircare products you could ask your customers the reason they are buying the products.

Is it to get more volume, to regrow hair, to repair hair damage or style for a party, etc.

You ask them a series of follow up questions to get more details on their hair type, hair color etc.

Then  you recommend a product that is just right for them based on their responses. 

They will be more willing to buy what you recommend because it is specific to their needs.

Adoreme used this strategy initially to grow its user base. Most women struggled with finding the right bra for themselves.

Adore me offered a unique quiz to help women identify the right bra before ordering.

I personally know women who loved this feature because they felt they will finally get a bra that is right for their body.

Here is an example of their style quiz:


I personally like fitting quiz better than style quiz.

I feel fit is way more important than style. Ideally, you should incorporate both of them, it is easy to do that.

Here is an example of it:

So use this strategy to create personalized sales experience and get more sales.




B. Trap them with incentive.

Caboki does this really well. Every time you buy a product from them, they give you a certain amount of dollar credit for future purchase

This makes you feel that you already have $3-4 sitting in the account and so you place a repeat order with them.

You can also offer a discount coupon but from my tests giving dollar credit in accounts way more effective than discount coupon.

Also, make sure the credit you give them is dollar value and not just points. The dollar makes more sense to customers.

When they buy a product using the discount make sure they still get a new dollar credit. This will keep them trapped for life in the buying cycle.

I know this well not because it is working great for my clients but because I am a victim of this trap myself 🤣




You could also send discount and bulk buying coupons to your customers.




You could also sell them more products using FREE + SHIPPING model.

In this model, you do not charge for the product but just shipping and handling.

You basically make money as handling fees.

This is a great way to get rid of extra or expiring stock.




On my favorite way to make money these days is to use PAY WHAT YOU WANT strategy.

In this option, you tell the customer to pay what they want.

This works great for a new product or to bring back customers who have not purchased for a while.

When you tell people to pay what they want, people generally pay good money.

They respond to your generosity with theirs.

I generally price my product at a higher price because people will always pay you less than the price.

So if you say your product is worth $100 they will pay you $20-30 and even 50.

But if you say you have a product for $50 they will not pay you $50.

I use Smart Pay Cart From DigitalAccessPass.
This is one of the best shopping cart with great sales features and best customer service.

SmartPayCart has the option to use Pay What You Want on your site.

You can get this shopping cart here: (I do not earn any commission for this referral)



There is another great tool you can use to get additional sales.

There is a plugin called spin to win.

Basically, you can program it so when your repeat customers can play the game of spinning wheel and win a special prize.

It could be anything from free shipping to a 20% discount. Here is an example from website:

You can get this plugin here:



In addition, you can make a little extra money under shipping and handling but 99% of the time you will make enough money to not have to worry about charging extra shipping and handling.

These strategies will get you extra sales which is your profit now and also will create a sales loop of getting regular repeat sales.



C. Start A Competition + Giveaway.

Now that you have a list of buyers encourage them to participate in social media.

Create a competition and ask them to post a picture with your product, a story around it or success results, etc.

Promise the most upvoted or random winner to get 3 months of free supply.

This is the fastest way to get new customers without spending money on ads.

Everyone who will post a photo will ask their friends to like their post. Many of their friends will now buy it from you.

You can also start a competition where you ask them to tag a friend who could benefit from your product like Norwegian Cruise did for teachers.

You can also set up free giveaways using websites like and



D. Get Reviews In Exchange For Goodies.

One last idea is to ask customers to write or record a review in exchange for a discount or even a free product.

This helps you get more reviews which ultimately results in more sales. The customer also appreciates freebies and by more from you.

Step 3: Hire Distributors/Agents

One of the things most businesses ignore today is offline marketing. 

There is huge money to be made offline. You can recruit distributors worldwide. 

Not only will it increase your sales but you can charge them a deposit or distributor fees anywhere from $1000 to $10,000. 

If you can recruit just 10 distributors that is $100,000 in fees in addition to product orders.

Many countries in the world would love to carry products originating out of the United States, UK, and Europe. 

There is a huge demand for imported good, especially in third world countries. 

A country like India with a population of billion people has the potential to scale your business overnight. 

But you do not have to go so far. You can start by recruiting distributors in your own region.

Step 4: Turn your product Into Income Opportunity

One of the biggest money maker in online marketing today is sales from affiliate promotions. 

There is a huge market of people who are interested to work from home today. 

Not everyone is interested in creating their own product. Most people want to promote other people’s product and earn a commission.

You can start your own affiliate program and then recruit affiliates. 

Show them how they can make money by promoting your products. 

Help them start and grow their business by giving them marketing lessons. 

These days there are tonnes of free online marketing course that you can point your members to so they can learn how to make money by selling your products.

The more people promote your products the more exposure you will get ad the higher your sales will be.

You can approach social media influencers and recruit them as your affiliates.

Step 5: Place your products In Stores

Most new businesses today focus on online sales. In addition to online sales, focus on placing your products in stores. This is extra sales and extra revenues.

Hire distributors and agents in various territories to get a product placed in stores.

Hire a part-time employee whose job is to go to various stores and negotiate product placement.

If you do the above now you have a channel to bring in customers and strategy to sell them more on a regular basis. 

In addition, you have other people like affiliates and influencers promoting your products and finally, you have your products placed in stores. 

These three channels should bring you massive sales and cash flow. In addition, you will also make collect distributor fees which is an added bonus.

You can reward yourself with part of the fees and spend the rest to make your brand even stronger by placing your product in pop culture via TV and Films. 

This will give you brand a massive exposure, status and create demand.

You can use services like or to get your product placed in media.


This will instantly boost your brand and give it the necessary boost to get sales.

Hope you find this strategy session helpful and it helps you to build a successful business.

Good Luck!

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Magic’s Ultimate Career Advice For Students And Young People

Video Transcript:

So in this video, I’m going to give you career knowledge that no one else would ever give you. No school, no college, no university, no teachers, no professors.

Even your parents don’t know this. And not knowing this is the reason why so many people make bad career choices in their life. As a result, they change their jobs five or six times, at least during their lifetime.

That’s the average for the American jobs that most people change their job five to six times in their lifetime and they’re still not happy.

What I’m going to teach you is something they don’t teach in schools and colleges and once you know this, you will know how to approach your career the right way so you’ll be happy, satisfied and successful. You’ll never have to change your job again because you will know what you want in life and what you need to go after.

See, the traditional knowledge or the traditional approach to career is you should go and become something that’s going to make you a lot of money, right? Become a doctor, become an engineer, go and study computer science. Then you’ll have a good job. Learn to code. You’ll have a good job that you’ll make good money. You can buy a house, get married, live happily ever after.

That’s what most people do. They choose a career which tells them that this is where a lot of money is, if they go through this stream of education, they will be set for life. They will make enough money, have a good job, that they can live happily and get married, have children. And they do that, but soon they realize that after going through this process, they find something still missing. They start to realize that this is not fulfilling. It’s not satisfactory. It’s not giving them what they would want in life and by this time they don’t even know what they want in life.

This approach is totally backwards. This is like a fools way of approaching your career the way you should do is. You should first ask yourself, what do you want in life? What will make you happy in life?

Then ask yourself if this is what makes me happy in life, what all do I need to reach this place? And then you decide what kind of education will put me on this path to get here.

I’ll give you an example: So I’m someone who values freedom in life. I don’t want to work for someone. I’m going to work when I want. I want to travel the world, which I do. I travel seven to eight months a year. So I have to ask myself what kind of job, what kind of career I can choose. It gives me freedom and flexibility that I can be anywhere and do anything.

Now if I go to school or college and career counselor will say, Oh, you should become a lawyer, should become a doctor. You know, you make a lot of money and then you take a year off. Or you take a month off and go on sabbatical for a year to travel the world. Or every year you can travel somewhere.

But that’s not the travel I’m talking about. I’m talking about I want to travel for five or six months, a year. No job will let me do that. So now I have to ask myself what can I do? And that’s why I found out, that what I need is freedom. But then I also know that I also need financial security.

So I need a job that gives me the freedom to travel, can be anywhere in the world and still makes me money. And I know that the area that I can do that is from online marketing.

I am a coach. I love to help people. I spend pretty much all my life with lot of smart, successful people who think outside the box, people who are very successful in their life. So I learned a lot. It changed my life. It made me, rich, made me wealthy, brought me success in relationships.

So all the wisdom I acquired from people is what I’m passing onto the world and in exchange, I’m making a small profit. That’s my gig. And that’s why I’m so happy because now I know that I can travel the world. I’m making money, I can do what I want to do.

I’m not working for anyone. No one tells me when to start working, when to stop working. And this approach has brought me all the success and that’s the path you need to take.

Ask yourself what will make you happy? What all would you need? What tools, what resources you would need to bring you that happiness? And then ask yourself what can of career will set you on that path. Give you those tools so you can reach your ultimate happiness.

Schools don’t do that.

A true story, long time back when I was going to school, I never finished my college and I used to work for career counseling and there was this girl, a Japanese girl came in there and she was trying to figure out what kind of degree she should go after and they asked a lot of questions, what do you want to do?

And she said, I would like to practice psychology in the US you know, her main goal was she wanted to stay in the US and she wanted to do something with psychology. That was her interest. So the career counseling told her that she should go and get a degree in psychology.

But here’s the problem. She got a degree in psychology, but what career counselor failed to tell her is that with a psychology degree, she’s not going to get a green card. She’s not going to get an H1B And she cannot stay in this country. If her goal was to get a degree in, stay in this country, this degree will fail her.

So what they should have advised her was, you know, study psychology and study business and figuring out how you can apply your psychology to business. So then businesses will hire you. Those are the only ones that hire.

And this kind of information doesn’t come from schools because schools are very impractical. They’re all theoretical. They all live in this really big fantasy land where they think everything’s going to be great, all they care is that you give them your money, and go through your four years, six years of a degree. That’s all they want.

I’m sharing this with you because education never made sense to me. I think there is a value for education. Knowledge is good. It’s good to go to school, and I’m not against that. But don’t give them the power to decide for you to tell you what to do because they don’t know themselves.

No matter what your parents say, no matter what your friends say, no matter what your wife or husband say, take the path I’m telling you because it brought me success, brought success to many people.

It’s not a coincidence that some of the most successful people on this planet are college dropouts. There’s a reason for that. Because college doesn’t bring you success.

If you identify your true mission in life and then you apply resources to it, you’ll be successful. So use this path that I’m telling you right now, and I promise you, you will have a very successful, and happy career.

Take care!

-Magic Leone

How To Make Money Online With Ad Campaigns

How To Make Money Online On Autopilot By Running Ads

It is very easy to make money online by running ads. Whether you have a product, service or coaching you can grow your business fast and make a lot of money quickly. The best part is that you can automate your business so you do not even have to do most of the work.

And no you do not need a lot of money to build your business. Just copy the model I am teaching here and you will build a successful business.

In this tutorial, I will give you the exact steps to follow and build a million dollar business ground up which runs automatically. Read this all the way to the end and I promise you that this will change your life, business, and finances.


Most people run ad campaigns, but they can rarely make money from it. They advertise on Facebook, Youtube, Google or some other platform. They spend some money but rarely make any money.

When their first campaign fails, they try a new campaign, test a new ad, design a new sales and landing page. Then they spend money on ads. They still don’t get success and they hire an expert but nothing changes again.

I know this because I have been through this cycle and 90% of my clients go through the same struggle when they start learning from me.

After reading this tutorial or watching the video above, you will learn exactly to make money from ad campaigns. You will identify the mistakes you’re making and why you’re not making money. And you’ll also learn new things that you did not know until today. And once you start executing them, you will be able to make money from your ads.

The Formula I’m giving you today works for most industries. I have applied it in various industries including fitness, dating, healthcare, relationships, and e-commerce.

It works every single place the same way. It makes you good money coaching, consulting works everywhere. Now, I don’t know your industry, so you might have to make a few tweaks, but it should work for almost everyone.

With that, let’s get started.


Every Ad campaign has 2 parts.

One is you have your spend, your ad spend is the money you spend on advertising and then you have your revenue.

The first step is to play with these two parts to make a profit.

For example, most people spend $100 on ads and then in return either they get nothing or at best, they get some money back. For discussion sake let’s say you spent $100 and got $50 in sales.

So obviously you’re operating at a loss of $50 here, and this where most people are stuck. They don’t know where to go from here and how to turn this into a profit.

When they reach out for help, most people give them poor advice because they want to make more money. They will ask for big money to redo their sales pages etc to get sales. But that rarely works.

90% of the time redoing your sales funnel is not going to make a big difference. Majority of the time the original results you see are the metrics for your offer. You can create new sales pages and write a new copy but the conversion rate will rarely change.

So instead of hiring someone to fix this for you, make adjustments to the 2 ad parts and make it as profitable as possible.

The first step is to try different ads, headlines, images and landing page design. See if you can reduce the cost of traffic by implementing these changes. This is the first thing I do after I start running ads. Even if my campaign is running at a profit, I still test different versions of ads and copies to see if I can increase my profits.

If you try 5 different ads and one of them gets you cheaper clicks or higher conversions, your cost will drop.

Coming back to our example, you were spending $100 to get a sale. With new ads and changes maybe you now only have to spend $80 to get a sale. So now instead of operating on a loss for $50 ($100 ad cost-$50 sales), you are at a loss of $30 ($80 ad cost – $50 sales cost). So we already gained $20 by making this one change.

In almost every industry, I find that quiz is a great way to get conversions. When I first started using a quiz doe advertising, my lead cost dropped from $3 to 38 cents. That is a massive drop. There is a reason why so many big companies, including adore me is using a quiz to sell products. I definitely recommend you run ads to quiz and see if it increases conversions.

A lot of big brands are using quiz these days. Here is a screenshot from Adore Me Website:

I have a free quiz plugin for WordPress that I developed for myself. Feel free to download it and use it. It is free and comes with training, you can get it here: Free Quiz Plugin

Next, you test a higher price for your offer. Most of the time you will be able to charge 2-3 times the price you are selling at without losing any sales. Start by doubling the price and run ads to see if it converts the same.

In my first business, I went from charging $50 to $97 and my conversion did not drop.

Back to our example, if we increase the product price from $50 to $97, we are now at a profit of $17 ($97 Sales – $80 ad cost).

So just by testing these two variables, we went from losing $50 to a profit of $17. And we did not have to hire any outside professional for help.

Now, if you keep running this ad, you will keep making money.


If you are operating on a small profit, think how many products you will have to sell to make big money? If you want to make even $1,500 you have to sell about 90-92 products. If you want to earn 15,000 you will have to sell about 900 or so every month. That is a lot of sales and a lot of customer service.

This is not to say you shouldn’t be selling thousands or that’s a big number, but this is not a big money. This is not going to make you rich. Your goal is not just to sell products, your goal is to become rich and work as little as possible. This is not going to do it for you.


So now you know that every time you spend $80 you will earn $97 back. So now what you do is you add something called an upsell.

An upsell basically is an additional offer to your origin offer. It is something that compliments your original offer. For example, if you buy a TV from Best Buy they will instantly offer you some speakers, a home theater system and warranty to go with it.

You just wanted to buy a TV and now they are offering you more things to buy with your TV. These additional offers are called an Upsell.

So if you would have spent $500 to buy a TV you may now spend between $800-1000 depending on what all extras you buy.

Here is a screenshot from You will notice that the TV is priced at $599 and then they offer 4 extras which brings the total to almost $1000. This is extra $400 earned from offering an upsell.

If you were to buy an Apple product they immediately offer you AppleCare (Apple’s extended warranty) that you can buy for extra money.

In addition, Apple offers upgrade to their products as a way to make more money. Look at the screenshot below and you will see the options they give to upgrade your purchase by paying extra:

As Seen On TV often have an offer that they will ship you a second one for free and you just have to pay shipping and handling for the second piece. Well, shipping and handling are where they are making extra money.

In my last business, I added 7 upsells which added to $750 and my average sale became $450 after I added the Upsell. This means every customer would pay me $450 on an average.

So you do the same. Add a few upsells to your original offer. As soon as someone buys your first product, offer them something extra at a discounted price. You can offer as many upsells as you want, as long as they compliment your original product.

Back to our example, let’s say you added 3 upsells with a total value of $300. And our average sales went up by $100. We just went from $17 profit to $117 profit. So now every time you spend $80 You earn $117. That is a good profit.

So now you see that in order to make your ad campaigns profitable, you need to play with variables at hand. You need to spend more time testing these variables instead of hiring experts to redesign your website and sales pages.


Most of the money we earn up to this point we invest it to create automation or hire experts who will work for us. I don’t want to make this $400-500 per sale and be happy with that. That’s not my goal.

I want to use this money to hire experts to write copies for me, run ads for me and make me money while I do other things.

So until this point, I spent some money on ads it got me sales and enough money for me to hire experts to run my business.

Before I had to spend money on Facebook and Instagram ads to find buyers. Now I have a list of my own buyers. I will now sell them extra offers and I do not have to spend any money to reach them since I already have their contact information.

I can now sell them a second product or I can sell them products from other sellers and earn a commision. All this money will go into my pocket.

When it comes to selling here, I really focus on selling something high end that starts at $3000 and goes all the way up to $200,000. In my last business people would buy coaching from me, which would start at $3500.I had different packages, $5000, 10,000, 15, 20, 25, 50, 100 and all the way up to $200,000. Every sale at this level was a big sale and that is when I would get involved.

Below you can see the income screenshots from selling some of my high end offers. This should motivate you to build your own high-end offers and make big money:

Because now I earn big money for my time. I let others run my business, bring in buyers and then I will sell expensive programs to those buyers to make big money for myself.

And this is how you make money with Facebook ads, Instagram ads or any other advertising campaign.

1. Start with one advertising platform like Facebook.
2. Turn your campaign into profit using the steps I discussed above.
3. Then hire experts to run your business.
4. Sell high-end products and services to your customers

Then add more traffic channels. If you started with Facebook add Instagram next. When Instagram also becomes profitable, add Youtube, then Linkedin, then Twitter. Keep adding more and more channels. Pretty soon you will have 5-8 advertising platforms that are making you a lot of money and that is how you become rich and build a million dollar business.

Hope you found this lesson useful. Take my words for it, this is a sure way to build a million dollar business ground up. Model your business after this and you will surely make a lot of money for yourslelf.

Until next time!

-Magic Leone

Secret To Succeed In Life – Magic Leone’s Ultimate Insight To Mindset Of Achievers


If you want to succeed in life, identify your real goal. Identify what is it that you’re really going after.
And now I know you’re thinking Magic, I already know what I want in life. I’m already going after it, but it’s still not working. And if that’s the case, I’ll tell you, you haven’t identified your real goal.

You’re not going after what you really want or you don’t have a proper understanding, a full understanding of what your goal really is. Or your goal might be misplaced. You may not even realize you are chasing the wrong goal and that’s why you’re not reaching them.

And I’m saying this because I went through this myself for a long time. I was totally confused. I was focusing on wrong things and that’s why success was never coming to me.


Your schools won’t teach you. Colleges won’t teach you. Your parents won’t talk about this. Your friends won’t talk about this.

This is more relevant today than any other time, people actually throw you off – people confuse you. They take you away from your goal and that’s why most of us, we are always struggling.

We’re trying things, we’re doing our best, but we are not reaching our end goal and that’s why I created this video because I want to make sure you understand that you might be chasing the wrong goal.


If there is an area where you’re struggling, in personal or professional life, and you’re not reaching your end goal, Stop. Reevaluate your goals, take another look at them and make sure you have the right end goal.

Make sure you are true to your desire. Doesn’t matter how shallow it looks. Doesn’t matter what people are going to say. It doesn’t matter what your husband, wife, parents, children are going to say. You have to be true to yourself.



People might dislike you in the short run, but when you will be successful, when you will reach your end goal, everybody will be proud of you.

And then when you have success, when you have power, you can have more people.

Everything changed for me. The minute I identified my real goal. Until that day I had no money. I used to sleep on airport floors. My friend would feed me. My clients were benefiting, but I was not benefiting. I was broke.

The minute I identified my real goal, which was to make money for myself to grow my business, everything changed. I started making money. I started getting more clients. The more my business grew, the more people I could help and as a result.

Now, I am living a great life. I own this beautiful apartment. I own multiple properties like this all over the world. I travel six or seven months a year because that’s what I enjoy. I go to the greatest spots, have great vacations, do great things and live a great life. Only because I identified my true goals.

At the same time, I do a lot of great work. I help a lot of people I do a lot of charity. I never talk about that. I don’t want to talk about it now, but I want to give you an insight. That once you identify your true goals and you accomplish them, life changes. You live a great life. You buy great things, you help a lot of people. You make this world a better place.

But the majority of people can’t do this because their goals are misplaced. And I can’t give you a better example than this. I can’t tell you a better story than this that’s going to motivate you to reevaluate your goals, to be proud of our goals, to chase them and not stop until you have everything. Because once you have, everything is the day you can become a true influencer. That’s the day you can really make a difference in this world.

How To Make Money Online And Increase Your Income

Anyone Can Multiply Their Income 4X5 Times (Proof Below)

Today you will learn how to increase your income four to five times without going through a major change, without going back to school, going back to college, getting a new job.

I’m going to show you that whatever you know, whatever you have, how you can use that to increase your income four to five times. This is what I learned many years back and it changed my life.

Until then I was broke. I was sleeping on my friend’s couches. They were feeding me. I had no money on me. I was running the business, had no money on me, was really broke and once I figured out how to increase my income, my life changed.

I have a great lifestyle, I own multiple great properties all over the world. I have passive income that comes to me every single month. I travel six to seven months a year. Life is good.

I’m going to show you today, how you can do the same. It doesn’t matter if you have a job, you’re working for someone else, or if you’re an entrepreneur or you’re a coach, consultant, e-store, or fitness coach or an Influencer.

No matter who you are, apply this information and you will be able to multiply our income quickly.

So let’s get started.

Having A Side Gig Can Multiply your Income 4-5 Times With Little work

The very first thing in order to increase your income is you need to have a business or a side Gig of your own. Even if it’s one hour a day, it doesn’t matter. But it has to be something that’s yours. Because when you have a Gig of your own, you can make more money for yourself. If you’re working for someone else, we usually get a small piece of the Pie.

Let’s just say you’re an accountant, a writer, a bookkeeper or a lawyer you’re working for, someone else. They are going to pay you a certain money per hour. And then they are going to bill their client literally four to five times what they’re paying you.

Now granted, some of that money goes into running their business, advertising, getting new clients, but the majority of money still goes into your boss’s pocket. It goes to the stockholders and doesn’t come to you.

If you have your own side Gig, if you have your own side business even for an hour all the money goes into your pocket. If you are billing the client at the rate your company is then your income instantly multiples 4-5 times for that hour of work.

Think about this. If you’re making $20 an hour at your job. And you work just one hour a day on your own and you bill your client $80 that’s your half days of salary in just one hour.

That’s a good jump. This means you can work half a day by having this one extra, hour of work. You only have to work 2-3 days a week and make the same amount of money that you will make working for the whole week. And that’s why having your own gig is a great thing.

And then once you have your side gig, whatever you’re selling there, that’s your base product. So you if you are giving coaching, consulting, writing copy, social media influencer, video marketer, or make money from ads or affiliate commissions, the first thing you sell or earn money from is your base product.

When I started my first business, I typed and E-Book on a word document. It took me three days to complete it. I got it edited and converted into an E-Book.

Initially, my goal was to sell one book a day. It was priced at $39 at the time. I used to spend 3-4 hours every day trying to promote my book. I would write an article a day for my blog. I would also participate in forums. Social media was not big at the time.

This was not a lot of money but I knew that once I create these traffic streams it will continue to bring me traffic for a long time.

I then converted my book into a video course and started charging $97 for the course.

Within 2 months I was selling 1 course a day which is not a lot but I was earning about $3,000 a month by working just 4-5 hours a day and I was creating a brand which would bring me more sales down the road.

Soon I was earning $5-6000 a month.

Next, turn your base product into your premium product To Earn Even More Money

A premium product will be something that people will pay you more money for because it either improves their experience of the original purchase or it gets them faster results, increases safety or security, makes them superior and helps them get better results. That’s a premium product.

Let’s take BMW cars as an example. They have a base model and then they’ll add airbags on every side of the base model and ir become premium. Then they will add a camera in the rear, now it is more premium. Then they will add cameras on all sides and it becomes more premium. So by improving driver experience and safety they are creating premium product from their base product.

The premiere models also add to driver status. You go from, I3 to I4 to I5 you also get more status.

Whatever you’re selling, whatever your base product is, you’re going to create an additional version of that, which is superior so you can charge more money for it. This is the secret to making big money.

Yes. People will have better status, more safety, more security, faster results, better experience, and then you will price it high or it’s something that expires so they have to make repeat purchases or it’s something that is a monthly subscription so they have to pay you on regular basis.

Those are the three ways you can make more money. Charge them big money up front. Charge them on a regular basis or make repeat sales.

I then created premier products to complement my original offer. Now when people would buy my first product for $97, I would offer them 7 additional products for a discounted price which would total to over $700.

By the time they were done with their purchase, they would pay me an average of $470. That means now Instead of earning $39 or $97, I was earning $450 per sale per customer. This gave me a massive jump in my income.

I was now earning between $20-40,000 a month.

Next, I added personal training that started at $3,555 and went all the way up to $200,000. Now, I was running a business which made me a lot of money.

This is how I build all my million dollar businesses. This is exactly how I built my last business. I had a premium product that standard $3,500 and went all the way up to $200,000.

You get one sale of $200,000 a year, that’s a lot of money. Think about it. If you have one sale of just $100,000 dollars that’s a lot of money. Just one sale of only $50,000 that’s more money than most people make working all year long.

And that’s what you need to do: Take what you have and turn that into a premium product and just watch how quickly your life changes. Watch how quickly your finances change, and that’s how you make big money.

So you can see anyone can build a successful online business step by step without taking a big risk and working part-time. I am not going to tell you what to do, but if you were my family and friend, I would twist your arm into starting an online business. This is the gold rush of today and you don’t want to be left behind.


I have built various million dollar business from ground up for me and my clients. I use the same strategy every single time because it is a safe and convenient way to grow income. It works and so you should use it, if you are thinking of starting your own business.

Have you thought of starting your own business or turning your own skills and hobby into a product? Did you do it? How did it work for you? What steps did you take? I would genuinely love to hear your experience.